You Gotta Have Friends

With this being the second time in seven years that I find myself In Transition, I must admit that I am a much wiser individual this time around as I work my contacts and network with family and friends.  Matter of fact I have a great Aunt who checks the Obituaries for me on a daily basis just in case there is an appropriate job that might meet my fancy which is vacated by the untimely demise of a parting soul.  Job searching is literally a job in itself and one that needs to be taken seriously and with robustness.  I continue to put in 10 or 11 hour days but instead of devouting my time overseeing and promoting my former association I now spend that amount of time networking and making phone calls emphasizing my availability and capabilities.  I still wake at 6:00 AM, but in lieu of commuting to an office I now can just journey upstairs to what has become a very comfortable environment to accomplish the task of finding a new appropriate employment position.

Family and friends are vital to get you through the task of employment search.  Like any important event, many are there at the begining to hold your hand and wish you luck.  Unfortunately many fall by the wayside for numerous reasons during the lengthy process but those in the know and those who are truly good friends will be there when needed.  I have said it too many times but during times of stress and anxiety – you do determine who your true friends really are.  What opens your eyes is the realization that there are different levels of “friends” and it becomes painfully clear quite quickly who is there for you in your time of need.

Seven years ago I started a book about the task of finding a job and one day I will hopefully complete it because there are some really interesting stories that need to be told so that others can benefit from the multitude of experiences I have had in this process.  Much has changed in the last few years including the debut of blogging.  Who needs to write chapters and verse when you can put your thoughts down in a blog format, tag a few items and have them out for all to see on wordpress almost immediately.

I plan on describing this task in an on-going blog that I am calling In Transition – Search for a New Home.  It will be therapy for me and hopefully instructional for others who find themselves in the same sitution or anticipate such in the near-term.  In the mean time I am going to trust my friends to assist me in this journey and who knows, maybe Aunt Mary will find a live one (or should I say dead one!) in tomorrow’s newspaper.


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