Cast a Wide Net

When in the executive search mode you need to be able to talk to anyone and everyone about the most familiar and important product you have ever sold – YOU!  Like many politicians who use Getting Acquainted Tours as a means to assess the potency and viability of their candidacy I am currently visiting association cities and meeting with contacts and friends to make sure that they are aware of my availability and who knows, maybe they can tell someone who tells someone about what a wonderful association professional I would be for their organization.

What I find amazing is that there are many in the same boat that I find myself in who are recalcitrant, boarding on being too modest to sell themselves.  Let’s face it, if you don’t do it no one will.  You must have the confidence, the self-esteem and the sincerity to be able to talk about yourself with adjectives while not coming off as an egotist or worse.  Bottom-line –  you need to believe in yourself when others have their doubts.  I know of an executive search individual who states quite openly that many who are in the search mode think more highly of themselves than those who are doing the selecting.  I am certainly not telling anyone to lie and embellish, because that will come back to haunt you; it is very easy these days to determine that you didn’t get your Doctorate from Harvard.  What I am saying is that you need not be easily diswayed or dismayed.  Let’s face it, your self-confidence gets you through the difficult days.

In selling yourself it is imperative that you use all the tools available to you and that includes social media.  Make sure you keep people abreast of your search and I would advocate using Linked In and making sure that your Profile is dynamic in the sense that your recommendations and peripherals (blogs etc) describes the kind of leader you can be if they took the time to consider you.  I have requested a select few to recommend me and it is heartwarming to see the effort they have taken to emphasize my talents.  To have recommendations from 2 former Chairs of the Board certainly speaks volumes about the kind of relationship you can create in your next position.

Maybe it is because of my Communication background and the value I place in Public Relations that I believe it is vital for job seekers to use all tools available to them when it comes to social media which will get the message out regarding your availability.  Linked In is your professional channel while Facebook and Twitter should be used with your social contacts and with friends that can pass the word.

Remember to cast a wide net when you are promoting yourself and obviously use the net to get that information out to those who know you, know of you and are seperated by six degrees.  If you don’t use all the tools at your disposal you have to know that your competition for that position probably already has his/her name out there.  If winning is the object of your task (which it better be because I don’t know too many in the search mode who do this to entertain themselves), you must jump in with both feet to accomplish the victory.


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