The Company Men and their Search for Employment

The other day as we were enjoying a spectacular, obviously Oscar-winning film The King Speech, a coming attraction trailer caught my attention.  The movie, already in major markets includes such big-name actors as: Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper as employees of a manufacturer who lays-off half their staff to maintain their profitability and stock price in anticipation of a potential sale.  The Company Men is the second major movie in two years to discuss the latest social problem of unemployment.  Last year’s George Clooney film, Up in the Air, discussed the individual and societal pain that accompanied being fired or “riffed” and the systems that were used to process eliminating workers.  Up in the Air was certainly a downer and was not a positive experience for those who found themselves in the predicament of not having a job but the story-line of The Company Men is much more friendly to those who are unemployed and has a much more upbeat conclusion.  The movie puts life, employment and possessions in perspective and certainly makes all think about their priorities which obviously many who find themselves in the search mode do on a daily basis.

While improving your resume, practicing interview techniques and making contacts are essential in finding a new employment home, it is also imperative for the job-seeker to have initial internal discussions followed by family conversations on what are his/her life priorities.  It has always been my credo that if you are not jumping out of bed every morning and looking forward to your job, that you obviously are not in the appropriate place in life.  We certainly all need to make a living to pay the mortgage but it is obviously important for all of us to be happy with what we do daily.  Your career is a meaningful extension of your life, matter of fact it is your life for at least 40 hours a week so why not enjoy it while you are away from your family and home?

As your search progresses and you get the attention of potential employers it is certainly important to prepare for interviews.  It takes time to learn about the people and company that has an interest in you but do not discount the time needed to determine if it is the right place for you personally and for your careeer.  Too many people jump at the first offer and discover quickly that they didn’t do their homework.  You must investigate the corporate philosophy and what the current employees “feel” about their bosses (Board of Directors).  Many of us can certainly share stories about choices made but with every mistake comes a life experience and a career full of excitement.  There always is the potential turn in the road so make sure you are prepared to choose wisely by doing your homework ahead of time.

Job search and job selection should not be taken “willy-nilly,”  we all need to play are parts in these interactions but the botom-line is that we must be comfortable with who we are and where our life is taking us.  With introspective contemplation you are sure to land firmly on you two feet in a place that you can call home.  Remember, your new employer needs to be comfortable with you but ultimately you need to be comfortable with him/her.  Life is too short and too important, don’t make a rash future judgement.  Take your time to investigate all aspects of your career and your job before saying yes to the new opportunity.


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