Social Media: An Integral Part of the Search

It is amazing to see how the process of finding new employment has changed just in the last seven years, the last time I was in search mode.  Though 2004 doesn’t seem that long ago, the entire process of job posting and resume fulfillment has become exceedingly immediate and much more efficient and effective. 

The days of resume-grade stationery and postage stamps are long gone, though on a recent trip to Staples such paper is still available for a premium price.  I remember deciding what pound of paper to use in the printer;  you don’t want to look too cheap and desperate while engraved-weight paper can give the impression of being too ostentatious. 

Though the World Wide Web was available seven years ago, many associations and companies failed to use this portal as an opportunity to detail their organization to the degree that a job-seeker could ascertain pertinent information to include in a cover letter and in preparation for an interview.  And certainly such social media outlets as Facebook and LinkedIn were just in an incubationary phase of their being during the mid-decade.  Blogs, well they were still at the starting gate of this remarkable era of information sharing that we now find ourselves in as we move into the second decade of the 21st century.

One of the reasons why I am writing this blog on job search, other than being surprisingly cathartic is that seven years ago during a similar transitionary period I started a book on my experiences and I unfortunately never finished the instructive tretis because I thankfully became gainfully employed.  With only 3 chapters complete I now contend that authoring these blog entries can be a patchwork effort to complete that book with a built in update on how to achieve successful job placement during these very interesting economic times.  It is amazing to look back at those interviews that I had seven years ago and see that those individuals that were chosen for those positions are now progressing to a new association or in some cases their second association since their appointment in 2004.

If you are not using Social Media in your Job Search you are missing out on a dynamic and effective tool.  The secret to job search is to contact everyone you know in the hope that they may know someone who knows someone regarding an opening.  Telephone and e-mail are certainly beneficial but using LinkedIn and their messaging apparatus is a sure way to touch base with business associates and friends without being forced to get into the gory details about your recent separation.  LinkedIn is also a great place to find employment through their job board.  I would encourage using all aspects of social media to get your name in front of decision-makers.  Start tweeting and you will be amazed how soon people start responding.

Though none of these systems guarantee a new placement, they do guarantee that your name and your credentials will be exposed to many more people.  I have over 500 connections and nearly 5 million people linked to me at LinkedIn and from past experiences I know what it would have taken to contact that many individuals with old-fashion  and out-dated techniques.  Social Media is more than a gossip network, when it comes to those In Transition it can literally be a lifeline.


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