Keeping Busy and Out of Trouble

The problem with an active job search is sometimes it isn’t active.  In many ways it is very much like a rollercoaster with some days providing remarkable highs and some days resulting in demoralizing lows.  The secret for those in such searches is to balance the process so that you don’t get too excited by potential positives while calming yourself when things seem to have slowed down.  Some of my secrets to keep be upbeat is to:

1)  Read a good book that will provide you a hands-on response to your immediate needs.  I am currently reading Harvey Mackay’s book: Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door.

2)  Connect with old business associates and friends.  Matter of fact I have a friend who calls me once every 2nd or 3rd week just to touch base.  We both understand that during anxious moments that you do need to talk to those who have survived similar situations.  I always made it a point to call friends in need just to make sure that they are doing fine.  It is now their turn.

3)  Spend time with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  It is important for you to interact with your on-line friends and connections.  You never know how these individuals can assist in getting you through the lows of the day.

4)  During slow periods you need to conduct research.  Read articles on-line or visit your local library.  These articles that are pertinent to your career are important for you so that you keep in touch with your present and future endeavors.  It is amazing how fast you can loose touch with what is happening in your profession.

5)  Contact friends in your profession.  With cut-backs and job depletions it is quite possible that you can fill a temporary void for them.  I know of a few association cohorts who are doing just that – performing special projects that our friends just don’t have the staff or the time to do for themselves.  It isn’t the money, even though it is an added benefit – it is the opportunity to keep busy and feel like you have accomplished something that others can benefit from.  It also keeps you active and who knows – it get’s your foot in the door.

6)  How about doing something for yourself.  Even in this miserable winter of our discontent we can get out of our routines.  It is nothing special but I now schedule a walk in the neighborhood, even on the cold and wintry days.  Besides buring off a few calories it also gives the opportunity to clear your mind and search for the positives.

7)  Plan some visits so that you can keep the search fresh.  In my case I am calling it the Dan Borschke Networking Tour, matter of fact some have thought that I should produce t-shirts like travelling concert tours so that I can get a little more exposure .  I have visited search companies and those who can help me in my transition.  Though you may not get immediate results, it is important for all candidates to make themselves available and get themselves out of the house.

8)  Update your resume – it can always use a little tweeking.  Hopefully you can share the document with friends and associates for their opinions.  It is always important to get a few new eyes on a resume that you have been distributing for awhile.  There are some wonderful websites that can assist in this venture.  You need not spend money to reformat your resume but of course there are also services that can put a whole new spin on your resume if you feel it needs it.

9)  Drop a note or an e-mail message to those search firms or search committees who have been sitting on your resume.  Let them know you are still available and mention how you improved your talents since the last time you contacted them.  Wrote a blog or took a class are two good possibilities.

You never want to give the appearance that your search has become dormant, even if it has.  Keep the creative juices going by finding new activites but most importantly keep focused on the prize because you never know when that one contact can open the door for a future position.  Keep the faith!


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