Make a Difference While Letting the World Know About It

One of the luxuries of a transition is that you can widen your horizons and accomplish some things that you were not able of doing while you were putting in a 70 hour work week.  Though it is essential to live a well-rounded life that balances work, family and relaxation it certainly is a heavy lift to do all of the above and still get a reasonable amount of sleep.

As is quite evident by the blog that I have written now, almost daily for over 3 months that I am certainly spending a great amount of time describing the life of an individual who is looking for just the right employment.  My goal was not to make it a diary like so many other blogs out there but to relay lessons and stories that can indeed be beneficial to all those millions of people who are experiencing the same happenstance that I currently am.

Since I have been through the employment chase 3 times since 2003 I can provide some leasons to those who haven’t experienced such recently.  Of course this transition is uniquely different than those others. Though it is always difficult to find just the right job, the difficult financial times we find ourselves in currently are certainly unique. 

 In 2003 I merged an organization out of existence, though it was difficult to say good-bye it was the best thing that could have happened to the association, the industry and the staff that worked for it.  That transition was really non-existent since my last day at the merged association was June 30th and my first day with a new association was July 15th after a mere 2 weeks of vacation.

The benefit of the 2003 event was that we had six months of  anticipation of what was to occur and we planned accordingly. It literally seemed like a seamless change, closing down an association I led for 25 years and moving cross country to Denver for a tenure at a brand new association that brought to the table new and exciting opportunities.

The Denver association was only a one year stay.  I was the charter exec for a group that was acquanted in running the shop with volunteers.  Such a mix is never comfortable and after a year of commuting back and forth from Chicago we came to an understanding that such an arrangement was not good for either party.

The interim between the one year stint in Denver and my most recent association stop was 9 months, though at times it seemed like 9 years.  I was quite lucky in the fact that I interviewed often and was a finalist for 21 positions.  So much for a bridesmaid and not a bride.  I accepted the position that I recently departed from because of the opportunity for success and the opportunity to evolve the organization into something exceptional.

After 6 very successful years with a trade association that I was very proud of leading, we recently parted ways and that is why this blog is now being written on a nearly daily basis.  The blog along with other actions in the last few months have helped me to brand myself and has given me the oportunity to preach on an issue that is so important to me.

I am still quite passionate about the value of what we all do in associations.  It is unique to American society and one that we all can be very proud to say that we are a part of.  The ability to build communities within associations is something very special and why many of us have been able to transition so easily into being proficient in social media because that is what we did so ably as association execs for so many years (granted not in 140 characters).

Just as there is nothing wrong in working for a for-profit entity- after all isn’t that what America is all about, there nothing incorrect in letting the world know about the good you are doing either – especially since you are currently in job search mode.

I am proud of what this blog has achieved and I am always pleased to hear from readers who have thought positively about what has been said in these posts.  It is heart-warming to hear of fellow job-seekers using the numerous tid bits for their own benefit.  There are many other ways of doing good and also achieve positive PR results for yourself that can assist you in transition, one example is very home-grown.

Our son is a wonderful representation of using ones spare time to benefit others while promoting oneself.  Though he is being paid for his teaching of English in suburban Seoul, South Korea, the act of leaving his comfort zone and learning a new culture and language while also providing a skill to his junior high students is something very beneficial but also very marketable upon his return to the states this August. 

He is in Korea because two years ago the job market for a recent graduate with a degree in Finance and Economics was paltry at best.  His predicament is not unlike many other graduates looking for work but what makes his situation so unique is how he decided to spend his spare time between appointments, halfway cross the globe.

Promotion of oneself is certainly acceptable if done with a certain style and panache.  No one appreciates a self-aggrandising, self-important individual but the bottom-line is, especially during a job search – that if you don’t promote yourself, no one else is likely to do so for you.  Find a uniqueness and exploit it because that may by your opportunity for employment.


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