Waiting for Aunt Mary

The standing joke in the family is what is taking Aunt Mary so long?  For those who have been keeping up with these postings over the last few months, you may recall that Aunt Mary’s idea for a dynamic job search is to look through the obituaries on a daily basis in the Chicago Tribune and pass along any pertinent information on fallen leaders in the hope that I could be first in line for the recently vacant positions.

Unfortunately for the funeral business and for my personal employment search, times have been slow recently – no job leads!  Aunt Mary who is 95 years young has spent the last few weeks in hospital and recovering from numerous ailments so her focus has been on her own needs and not others.  You have to smile because when you are In Transition you need to turn over every available rock in your attempt to find a new home, however and wherever they may be.

I have learned from a previous job search that there are numerous highs and lows in this process and during the search you must be prepared for the rollercoaster.  Thankfully through the assistance of numerous contacts and friends we all do survive the ride, despite the bumps and bruises.

In a recent google tour under the category –  job search, I was astonished to see how many search engines and websites are now dedicated to employment; it is almost as if all the mortgage companies of the last decade are now reinvigorating themselves as employment agencies.  

Of course one must ask themselves, if there are so many services now out there willing to assist in finding you a job why are there still so many people jobless?  Pages upon pages of services and companies are available to provide assistance in finding you a job and some are even willing to have you pay for it.  DVDs, webinars, books and counselors are all priming the pump in this weak economy.

Of course there are some very valuable services available to job seekers that should be considered.  Career/Personal Coaches, resume writers and specialized/professional newsletters are just a few potential aids for those who are interested in widening their horizons and potentially improving their odds for employment.

I hate to reiterate it once again, but to achieve success in this market job seekers must use all the means available to them to find the appropriate end result.  This lengthy process demands that you not stagnate and that you must continue to move forward in making contacts and networking beyond even the widest boundaries you have already set in place.

Despite the hesitancy, touch base again with the people you initially spoke with when you started the search.  It has been a few months and it is about time that you speak with them again.  Don’t get mired in old stories about what has taken place in the past but address the optimism you have for the future.  Enough time has passed and hopefully you are no longer talking about the old place but excited about what is available for your new home.

It is also time to reinvigorate your resume.  Put a new spin on the facts.  How about adding a more descriptive accomplishment or two while reconsidering some of the material that may not be getting you through the front door.  Again I am advocating repackaging and not embellishing the truth.  There is nothing more volatile for your career than not being completely honest on your resume and in your discussions with interviewers.

It wouldn’t hurt getting your name out in front of potential employers.  Write an article that can be seen within your specific field or community.  Be active and comment on blogs and list serves.  Tweet and attach important facts and information within your industry. It is important to show everyone that these past few months of job search have not been a vacation (if it was a sojourn I trust you would  have picked a warmer destination to relax), that you truly have been active and alive and have kept up with what is going on in the world and in your field of interest.

Finally, revisit what makes you unique.  Readjust your personal marketing plan and find a new positioning of your capabilities.  Don’t just be one ewe in the flock of sheep, find a way to make yourself different in promotion and in fact.  Continue working to make sure you standout – in a positive way.

After all, Aunt Mary (God love her!) is my unique means to success.  She will soon be back on her feet and working her magic once again, which is unfortunate for some.  The competition best beware!


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