There’s More To Your Day Than Angry Birds

Despite the fact that summer heat has taken over most of the continent and with the temperature soaring for at least the next 2 months, this is no time to slow down the search for new and better employment.  There is nothing wrong in balancing your leisure life with your work life but when your ultimate goal remains finding gainful employment, there is definitely more to your day than Angry Birds.

For all you out there who have no idea what Angry Birds is, you just need to ask what is one of the most profitable apps on either the iPhone or Android operating system in the last few years?  Angry Birds was developed by a Finland-based company in 2009 and has sold more than 12 million copies for the various Apple operating system alone.  It is known as this generation’s Pac Man.  An addictive, puzzle video game that now boast plans for a future feature movie, a television series and a combined total of 250 million downloads across all platforms worldwide.

It certainly isn’t easy to focus in on the immediate need of finding employment when there are so many diversions during your “work day” but this is not the time to loose interest.  Let’s be honest, even if you move with zest from this day forward you will be extremely lucky to be in your new office prior to Labor Day.  With about 6 weeks left before the unofficial start of the school year in many parts of the country, your job search is certainly daunting.

Motivation in your job search is vital despite the fact that you may have been at this task for longer than you intially had anticipated.  We all know the rule of one month for every $10,000 in salary as the length of an employment transition.  Remember when we told ourselves that we were going to be the exception to the rule!  Unfortunately that hasn’t turned out to be the case and here we sit months later, wiser, wearied and worn.

Rejection can indeed be your Waterloo, if you allow it.  I know the experts tell you to not take negative responses personally; but how can you not?  Most who are searching for employment would rather be doing almost anything else than sending out resumes and making phone calls but they are also cognizant that most job offers will not just fall into their laps or be knocking at their door.  Anything worth doing is worth doing right – especially after the amount of time you have already invested into this process.

Here are a few ideas to get you back on the right road towards employment:

1)  How about contacting those recruiters that you initially sought out when you first started your search months ago.  It won’t hurt to update those “headhunters” that you are still fighting the good fight.

2)  Call or e-mail your contacts, friends and network and keep them abreast of the current status of your job search.  It gives you an opportunity to touch base with people that you might not have heard from in weeks or even months.

3)  Charities and Philanthropic Organizations are always looking for another capable pair of hands – volunteer so that you can feel busy while also giving you the opportunity to feel valued.

4)  Use your computer for more than just Angry Birds.  There are hundreds of job boards available for all to see.  Improve you LinkedIn profile – update it and freshen your recommendations with a few new heart-felt comments from individuals you need to contact anyway.

5)  Get out of your home office and rub elbows with individuals who might be able to help.  It is much too easy to just get into a routine and hunker down in your bunker.  To find employment, you need to be seen; attend professional meetings, make lunch plans and most of all make sure people know you are alive and kicking.  Remember, out of sight – out of mind!

6)  Work on keeping a positive attitude.  It is very easy to drift into a depressed state.  Keep finding the good angles in this process and make sure that you aren’t the dispirited one in the room.  No one really wants to associate with or hire a downer!

It all comes down to engulfing yourself with friends and associates who care about you and are there to help.  I know it is difficult at time to continually be on the needy or receiving side of the equation, but your situation also gives you a firm reminder that you need to be there for others in their hour of need.  Prepare to be the giver next time.

Dan Borschke is a Certified Association Executive who has been a CEO for 3 distinct trade associations in his career.  He is one of only 230 Association Executives worldwide who has been granted the prestigious designation of Fellow by the American Society of Association Executives since 1986.  He currently is between positions and has written more than 50,000 words or 100 blog postings on the topics of job search and career transition.  He can be contacted at:

Copyright:  MMXI.  Reprint of this article is permitted if the above paragraph is included.



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